Welcome to the website of John J. Liptak.  John is an author, & developer of quizzes, assessments, and assessment-based educational materials.  John's work is international recognized as effective, evidence-based interventions for a variety of clients and students. 

John's work revolves around his notion that all people possess a LifeSkills IQ, as spelled out in his LipfeSkills IQ Test book.  More information about the LifeSkills IQ Program is included on this website.
Intelligence about daily life skills is more important than having
a high IQ ~ John Liptak in The LifeSkills IQ Test
Study of Teen Social & Emotional Skills Entering the Workplace

A research study was conducted by John to assess the effectiveness of quiz-based journaling materials developed by Ester Leutenberg & John Liptak.  In this study of job survival and success scores among teens, it was found that the use of several modules from their reproducible workbooks (Communications Skills, Time Management & Conflict Resolution) produced a statistically significant improvement in all aspects of job survival and success (Dependability, Responsiblility, Human Relations, Ethical Behavior, and Commitment ot Career Development) as measured by the Job Survival & Success Scale.  T-Tests were analyzed to demonstrate the enhancement of LifeSkills IQ in subjects in the study.
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